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Attend with Confidence

Updated: Dec 10, 2020

The Farm Bureau Expo proudly supports the Tennessee Pledge and is committed to supporting our event planners through the provision of a COVID-19 compliant venue. Working closely with each of our planners we have focused on "what can we do to make their events happen" while maintaining in compliance with the CDC COVID Guidelines.

Our Event Planners best practices include

  • Hourly announcements to remind guests about social distancing, being responsible to wear masks to protect everyone with reminders that hand sanitizing stations are available in the Expo.

  • Temperature Checks are not required, however, if an event planner would like to incorporate this step, the Expo will provide touch free thermometers for their use.

  • Standard 7 Health Questions can be utilized at the event planner’s discretion.

  • A point person to prevent any crowding in restrooms 

The Farm Bureau Expo best practices

  • Educational signage is throughout the Expo

  • Ensuring social distancing in set ups and layouts

  • Dedicated Entrance/Exit doors are posted

  • Water fountains are sealed off 

  • Routine sanitization is being conducted by Expo staff

  • Mandatory Mask wearing by event staff and attendees

  • Temperature checks for all visitors into the Expo Offices and Tours

  • Provision of masks for those that need one for meetings at the Expo

Our Goal is Safety First for the benefit of our event planners, their guests, our staff and our community! We hope to see you at an event soon!

Any questions can be directed to or by calling 615-450-3049

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