COVID-19 Updates

Health and Safety Guidelines

For all Events, Even Planners, and Guests

Farm Bureau Exposition Center (Expo)



The Expo is committed to supporting our TN Pledge and doing everything in our power to maintain a safe environment to allow events to take place.  The list below reflects the steps and protocols the Expo has implemented for the health of our staff, vendors, event planners, as their guests.


  • Active participant in the TN Pledge initiative to slow/prevent the spread of COVID-19

  • Masks are required for entry into the building 

    • Applies to staff, vendors, event planners and attendees. 

    • Event planners are asked to make routine announcements throughout their events.  

  • Social distancing 

  • Hand Sanitizing Stations are located throughout the facility

  • Scheduled routine cleaning of all multi-touch surfaces 

  • Water fountains are no longer in use to avoid cross contamination

  • Guest counts in restrooms is limited and monitored by event planners

  • Designated Entry and Exit doors

  • Routine announcement reminders about social distancing and masks

  • Temperature Checks 

  • 7 Standard Health Questions for Expo visitors

  • Ongoing education on health safety and prevention of spreading COVID

  • Adherence to food and beverage guidelines for all kiosks and caterers



Updated 01.06.2021

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the Farm Bureau Exposition Center open?

Yes, the Farm Bureau Exposition Center never closed. In mid-March, with the government guidelines in force, access to the Exposition Center was restricted to an appointment only status through May 2020. In June, the Farm Bureau Exposition Center took the TN Pledge to ensure the safety of staff, event planners and guests. The relaxed guidelines at that time allowed for evaluating each planned event to identify any modifications necessary to maintain the safety of all involved. We are continuing to monitor events while honoring our TN Pledge.

Are masks required?

Yes, at this time masks are required for all events inside the Farm Bureau Exposition Center. Activities outside do not require masks as long as the 6’ social distancing parameters are applied. It is the event planner’s responsibility to ensure this requirement is upheld.

Are masks provided to those that do not have them?

The Farm Bureau Exposition Center maintains a limited mask supply. It is our goal to be able to offer a mask if a guest does not have one as long as the supply is available.

What are the seating capacities under the current COVID-19 guidelines?

Each event is different and requires evaluation on how to manage social distancing in seating layouts. Family units are allowed normal seating capacity, whereas, strangers are maintained at 6’ distances.

How often are meeting areas sanitized?

Meeting areas are sanitized before and after each event and depending on the length of the event with intermitted sanitization if it is a multi-day event.

Are hand sanitizing stations available?

Yes, they are two multi-dispenser locations maintained inside the Farm Bureau Exposition Center.

Are temperature checks required?

When visiting the Farm Bureau Exposition Center Office, temperature checks are required for all guests, as well as 7 health-related questions per the CDC guidelines for screening any potential exposure. Event planners have the option to conduct temperature checks at their event and/or request response to health-related questions per the CDC guidelines.

How can I get a refund for a cancelled event?

Inquiries regarding refunds for events should be directed to the Event Planner for that particular event. If you are not certain who to contact, please call 615-450-3049 or visiting for event information.

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