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Updated: Dec 10, 2020

Health and Safety Guidelines

For all Events, Even Planners, and Guests


Farm Bureau Exposition Center (Expo)

The Expo is committed to supporting our TN Pledge and doing everything in our power to maintain a safe environment to allow events to take place, and guests to attend with confidence. The list below reflects the steps and protocols the Expo has implemented for the health of our staff, vendors, event planners, as their guests.

  • Active participant in the TN Pledge initiative to slow/prevent the spread of COVID-19

  • Sanitization spray of the entire facility as needed

  • Applies to staff, vendors, event planners and attendees.

  • Event planners are asked to make routine announcements throughout their events

  • Social distancing

  • Hand Sanitizing Stations are located throughout the facility

  • Scheduled routine cleaning of all multi-touch surfaces

  • Water fountains are no longer in use to avoid cross contamination

  • Guest counts in restrooms is limited and monitored by event planners

  • Designated Entry and Exit doors

  • Routine announcement reminders about social distancing and masks

  • Temperature Checks

  • 7 Standard Health Questions for Expo visitors

  • Ongoing education on health safety and prevention of spreading COVID - Recommending if you don't feel well, take care of you at home to avoid the risk of passing along the symptoms to others.

  • Adherence to food and beverage guidelines for all kiosks and caterers

Farm Bureau Expo Operating Updates

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