kaiCon brings over a thousand Cosplayers, Gamers and fandom enthusiast to Farm Bureau County Expo Friday, July 26-28, 2019.

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AkaiCon brings over a thousand Cosplayers, Gamers and fandom enthusiast to Farm Bureau Expo Center Friday, July 26-28, 2019.

For 7 years, AkaiCon has been a place for people from all types of fandoms regardless of who you are to hang out and build relationships. AkaiCon is a place for all people and we hope to provide something for everyone this year. We have events planned Friday, Saturday and Sunday and single or multi-day passes are available online at AkaiCon.com or at the door.

When we started AkaiCon back in 2013, Devin Adkins, Cody Thomas, and Cody Bottoms all had a vision to offer a fun and safe place for people of all ages to dress up in a costume and be a super-hero for the weekend. We wanted to have a family feel with every person in attendance, and we welcome people of all ages to attend.

Throughout the years we have had attendance range from 500 people at our start to 2,000 people at our peaks. Our numbers just keep growing and this is mainly because the attendees are great people. We also provide great entertainment thanks to our other star CoChair and programming director Dee Powers.

We strive to bring a fun and welcoming environment even if comic books are not your thing. We have gaming tournaments, we welcome cosplayers to join us, we even have a large EDM event on Saturday night with DJs from all over the country.

Notable special guests include:

Voice actor Chuck Huber who has voiced hundreds of voices including Android 17 from DragonBall Z, Hiei in Yu Yu Hakusho and Dr. Franken Stein in Soul Eater. Chuck will be signing autographs and will be presenting panels all weekend.

Cosplay group: Twinfools and Nova VanderWolf Cosplayer: Moderately Okay Cosplay Cosplayer: Bep Cosplay Entertainment Group: Vitamin H Musical Guest: None Like Joshua Special guest DJs: DJ Remedy, Aazera, Marson

Jack Jackie Akaicon at Wilson County Expo Center