The Wilson County Exposition Center is excited to announce the naming rights sponsorship with Tennessee Farm Bureau Federation is official.  The municipally owned Expo is officially being renamed Farm Bureau Exposition Center as a result of the five-year sponsorship being confirmed. 

The stellar reputation of James E. Ward Agriculture and the Exposition Center, combined with Wilson County’s support of agriculture, education, and community involvement encouraged the partnership with the like-minded Federation. 

The Tennessee Farm Bureau Federation’s mission of “Working together to build strong agricultural communities,” is infused in the Exposition Center’s message, and resonates with the values rooted in the community.

The purchase of the 104-acre Baddour Estate in 1974 initiated the development of Wilson County’s agriculture center, named after James E Ward, the county’s extension agent.  Ward’s passion and community-oriented leadership enriched agriculture in the area. 

The agriculture center and adjoined fairground expanded again in 2016 after the Wilson County Commission voted in favor of building the state-of-the-art exposition center. 

The 79,000 sq ft facility is a landmark in the area. 

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